All About Online Gambling Laws

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Online gambling has become just as popular as land-based casino gambling, with the added extravagance of being able to play at your own pace by choosing the medium of online gambling. As is the case with all forms of gambling, one must become familiar with the gambling laws on both a state and federal level.
In the past, all forms of gambling were regulated on a state by state basis. Because state gambling regulations have varied to such a degree, Congress decided to step in and exercise their power to control interstate commerce. However, most of the federal statutes pertaining to gambling were passed before online gambling came into play.

In reality, attempting to enforce a law that violates online gambling can be an extremely arduous task. This is due mainly to the fact that most online casinos are established overseas. This is the best way to avoid any United States law that regulates online gambling. Because the United States lacks the authority to extradite in these cases, there is no feasible way for them to enforce these laws offshore.

Once these online casinos are set up offshore, it then becomes legal for you and I to login to their server and comence gambling. The first thing you must do is open an account that includes your banking information on where to deposit your potential future online gambling winnings. Depositing funds into the account can be done by using a credit card, electronic check, certified check, money order, or wire transfer. Once these preliminary steps are done you are ready to start betting.

Remember to have fun with online gambling, but also be aware of the current legal status regarding gambling on both a state and federal level. Since online gambling is still a relatively new concept these laws will continue to change on a regular basis. In order to determine the most up to date regulations, it is probably best to contact your local authorities.

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