Women and Poker

What do actually women want from poker? It turns out that women are real perfectionists and most of them wish to be recognized for their poker performances in the casinos.

Besides they always want to be better and learn more and more, what also means that they are very competitive. Ladies do not play just the ladies events. When they come in to a poker place, they are very social, but when they sit down at the table and begin to play, there the competitiveness begins. The social side of the ladies poker players, is that they don’t just play, they bound friendships between them.

The WSOP Academy for ladies is a great idea according some of the girls who went there. They say that they are even more motivated to participate on the big events and that they just are passionate about it. There’s one player who also risks o be fired from her job, just to play poker. She’s afraid of it, but still she decides to attend the final table, which means taking a week off. She can’t just quit the job and play poker, because her personal finances don’t allow her to do it.

The important thing about ladies playing poker is that they see each other as poker player not as women poker players. That’s why they move from ladies tourneys into the open events. The women’s poker market is growing.…

"Women and Poker"