Poker Hands – TEXAS HOLD ‘EM

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Whether playing poker hands in Las Vegas or in the comfort of your home with friends, Texas Hold ‘Em is a popular choice of games. This particular game is considered a high card game, meaning players that have two good, high cards in their hands are the ones with the best chance of having the best hand, or those that draw to get a best hand after having a flop.

To win in Texas Hold ‘Em, you should only play strong hands that will support a raise or multiple raises coming from an early betting position. If you have a medium strength hand, you want to play that in later positions for the best chance of seeing a flop at a decent price. However, the strong hand should be played most often and aggressively. Additionally, you want to take as many raises as possible. If you do not eliminate some of your competition, your chances of winning are reduced. Remember that an aggressive play before a flop will add credibility to a strong play that you might consider using on the next round in the case of a garbage flop falling when you want to steal. Therefore, if you have a lot of action and the potential for a flop is great, you need to be prepared to fold your high pair.

To improve your chances for beating the game of Texas Hold ‘Em, consider some of the following strategies:

§ Keep your eyes open for uniform flops. For example, an 8 7 6 could be turned into straights easily, which could overpower your high pair or any other good hand.

§ When you have a two-way draw, you need to play aggressively.

§ Suited flops that have the potential for making a completed flush should be played with caution. If you find yourself in this situation, hold the nut in the suit, have two pair, or trips that can fill.

§ If you like to bluff, you should allow yourself to be caught occasionally. You do not want your playing to be too predictable.

§ Whether playing hands or not, you need to carefully study your opponents. Determine if they bluff often, do they find more hands to play than they fold, or do they behave in a certain way that discloses the type of hand they have?

§ You should not draw to the low end of a straight. For example, if a 9 8 7 flops, instead of playing the 6 5, you should play the Jack 10.

§ Before the flop, you should fast play strong and high pairs, which will increase the pot early. Additionally, this encourages garbage or weak hands to fold instead of hitting a lucky flop and thereby winning.

Some of the strategies take a little time to become comfortable with, but in time, you will respond to the various hands automatically. Texas Hold ‘Em is fun, competitive, and a game that can be beat, using the right strategies.

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