Poker tournament for Africa

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An important poker tournament was decided a couple of years ago, when Don Cheadle and Annie Duke decided, during a dinner, to help Africa. This event was called “Ante up for Africa”, it was organized in last July, and it meant a lot to both of the inventors. The idea was to raise money for Africa and they believed in this cause as also their partner the WSOP did. In the beginning all of them thought that this tournament would be a “one off event”, an evening where celebrity friends have a good time playing and at the same time they do it for a good cause raising some money for Africa.

Recently they organized another “Ante up for Africa” event at the San Manuel Casino close to L.A. in California. They raised over $ 500.000 also thanks to the generosity of the casino itself.

Don Cheadle, one of the founders, couldn´t believe that the casino was so generous and he claimed to be very grateful and happy about it. Many celebrity friends came by and helped. Celebrities like Chris Ferguson, Phil Laak, Andy Bloch and more.

Next time the “Ante up for Africa” will take place on July the second this year. Last years tournament was full of famous Hollywood stars like Mekhi Pfifer, Adam Sandler, Ben Affleck and many others.

All these tournaments raised about a million dollar for Darfur relief, which is a great thing, for a cause that was decided just innocently during a dinner.

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