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By using good social skills and being patient while playing poker, your game could be improved. Many poker games require a level head and the patience of a saint, especially in the game such as Omaha High/Low. When you can remain calm, your attention is more alert, and you will have more opportunities to spot weaknesses in other players. For example, if you are in a game of Omaha High/Low and you spot someone playing every hand, be patient. While this person may win a few games throughout the game, eventually, they will lose.

It is common for players just starting a game of Omaha High/Low to equate their first four cards dealt to a lose game of Hold’em. Instead, the mindset should be that the more cards you are dealt in a game, the less you should be playing.

In the game of Omaha High/Low, all of the cards work together, adding up to greater value than if playing each card separately. For example, if you had an 8, 7, 7, 7 hand, you would have nothing. Of the combinations you could make from your six cards, four of them are duplicates. In this case, winning the pot is difficult if you hold the middle cards. Whether playing Omaha High/Low or any high/low game, you want to take the entire pot and not just a portion of it.

On the other hand, if you had a hand with Aces, twos, and a three and five, you have four cards that can work as a team to make a nut flash, nut straight, or a number of nut lows. This particular hand is a powerful one in the game of Omaha High/Low whereas the first hand is a bust.

This is why when playing Omaha High/Low you need to have a lot of patience in order to win. You need to remember that in the game of poker, good players or players that have occasional luck are the people that win while poor or unlucky players are the ones that lose. If you were to look at statistics, you would discover that more than 60% of players fall in the latter category. By being patient, you help move yourself to the 40% group, which is what will win the pot.

When you play as a patient player, you are not being rude to poor players yet you are working the cards until the time is right to go in for the take. Acting rashly will only keep the level at the table high and good players upset. When you sit out a few hands and watch the table and your opponents, you can learn valuable information on what to expect in future hands. Regardless of the game, even if the game is fast, you can still be patient. Remember that patience is not the same as being slow but of thinking with a clear mind and waiting to play hands that will win.

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