World Series of Poker Academy for Ladies

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This year, there will be for the second time a ladies only camp in Las Vegas. This camp offers 2 days of intense poker instructions and it’ll take place at Caesars Palace and it includes the best instructors, who have a lot of game teaching experience.
This year, FBI “tells expert” Joe Navarro will held a special seminar just for the ladies. Navarro normally teaches the differences between the male and female behaviour. These differences are important because they can be used than at the table. Navarros seminar will be specifically about the female non verbal behaviour. The reason that these camps for women are made, is the fact that more women are playing poker and winning a lot, and the Post Oak Productions wants to help even more women to be good at the poker game. This year there will be also a special WSOP ladies event, where they can win a lot of money.

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